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Sykes Federal Credit Union

If you don't want anything to do with your typical, run-of-the-mill bank, then Sykes Federal Credit Union has got you covered. This innovative company is the antithesis of a traditional bank; it was founded by the same creative and iconoclastic group that manages the People's Congregation of Shakers & Movers. We are dedicated to helping those who want something other than the status quo. With a focus on creative problem solving and forward-thinking customer service, Sykes Federal Credit Union has become the "go-to" destination for people who don't like banks.


Stanley E Sykes III

Founded by creative entrepreneur Stan Sykes, Sykes Federal Credit Union is the first bank to truly embrace its anti-bank ethos. With a mission to provide high quality services that are accessible and easy to understand. His commitment set things in motion and pushed the bank forward. With his experience and passion for making banking better for every member of the People's Congregation of Shakers & Movers.

Sandra Bernier

Sandy Bernier has revolutionized the world of member relations and financial innovation. With creative problem solving, Sandy has been able to find creative and successful ways to work past traditional banking methods.She’s bolstered company’s financial independence while opening up opportunities for creative new approaches. In short, if you’re looking for a creative anti-bank solution in the world of member relations and financial innovation, Sandy is your woman!

Our Officers

Interested in Contributing

We are always looking for talented and exciting new people.  If you have something to help our community, please let us know.

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