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Growing Wealth Together

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Interested in becoming an Early Adopter of the Sykes Federal Credit Union, The Credit Union Exclusively for Members of  the PCS&M Community?

Click the Link to Fill Out the Early Adopter Questionnaire to Help Us Get Started.

About Sykes Federal Credit Union

The Virtual Bank with Real Savings

Exclusive Financial Services for members of

the People's Congregation of Shakers & Movers.

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Business, Non-Profit, & Startup Consulting Services

We help small businesses, startups, and non-profits file the correct state and federal paperwork needed to establish a legal presence or maintain compliance. 



Effective logistics management is critical for businesses to meet delivery deadlines, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and increase competitiveness in the market. Business  coordination and collaboration between various departments, suppliers, and customers, and requires a strategic and integrated approach to ensure the efficient and cost-effective flow of goods and services.



Help with nonprofit legal and ethical compliance standards needed to maintain tax-exempt status and ensure operation in a responsible manner. Including adhering to regulations related to fundraising, financial reporting, tax reporting, and governance, as well as ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal laws.

Treasure Box

Adventure - Free

Providing clear and compelling business Paths, a well-defined target market, a comprehensive business plan, funding to cover startup costs and operating expenses, and a marketing strategy to reach and attract customers. We help with access to resources such as technology, infrastructure, and networks to support success.

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People's Congregation of Shakers & Movers

Celebrating anything that raises the vibration. 

PCS&M offers mentoring, support groups, and broadcast services on multiple platforms. Promoting harm reduction tools such as breathwork, yoga, physical movement, meditation, and other vibration-raising activities for our members to connect with spirit. We bring these services to those who need access and are largely marginalized.

Creating ethics and accountability in taking care of one another.

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